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Preferred Pescribing List for South Staffordshire CCGs, Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Mid Staffordshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

How to use

  • The preferred prescribing list for the various therapeutic sections of the British National Formulary (BNF) can be accessed via the links shown in the menu bar on the left hand side of this screen
  • Links are identified throughout by underlined text (e.g. link)
  • Drugs are colour coded according to the following criteria:

Prescribing criteria


Suitable first-line drugs for implementation in primary care




Second-line drugs. Either more clinically or cost-effective drugs are available or use should be restricted to certain groups (including ESCAs) or specialist initiation groups. They may be prescribed within primary and secondary care.


Drugs which require special consideration. These are drugs for consultant prescribing only. They should not be prescribed in Primary Care.

Each section contains prescribing notes with links to specific management guidelines in many cases.

Other links to locally approved prescribing protocols (e.g. shared care agreements) are also included.