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We have great pleasure in publishing this; our second Annual Report. It has been a year of rapid development, with many positives and some really challenging times.

The CCG has made good progress in working with our local populations and partners to continue to develop new models of care. Our General Practice Plus Model, which has teams supporting practices to proactively support people who are frail or have long term conditions with a coordinated approach is continuing to roll out. We have developed models in areas such as counselling services and dementia services by listening to our local populations and reviewing clinical evidence to get the best outcomes locally.

The organisation is its member practices, and in order to strengthen hands on engagement and support with practices, we have split the South East Staffordshire locality into two, now having Lichfield and Tamworth, as well as Seisdon. This means we have welcomed a new locality director to the Governing Body, Dr Sekhar Singu, strengthening our clinical leadership as an organisation.

2014/15 has been a difficult year financially as the scale of the underlying deficit in the CCG became apparent. This has fundamentally changed how we work and tightened the governance in the organisation. The organisation rose to the challenge, delivering a Financial Recovery Plan in year and we are now in a strong position to go forward and deliver the more transformational change required. This will be through a balance of working with our practices locally and broader partnership work. Good health is not just about hospitals; our commitment to work with local authorities to focus on prevention and supporting people to keep well continues. We know there will be difficult decisions, but our promise to the public is we will work to fulfil our ultimate aim of delivering services which most improve health outcomes with the resources we have. There may well be more changes ahead but we will stay focussed on the work we need to do to improve the service offer to our local population. We will be transparent in our decision making and stay true to our public sector values. We hope you enjoy reading this Annual Report.

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We have great pleasure in publishing this, our first annual report as a statutory clinical commissioning group. We have been on a rapid journey over the last year, working with our member practices to develop robust transformation plans to improve outcomes for local people.

We have highlighted some areas where services have already improved. We know we need to do more and we have developed enhanced engagement mechanisms with the local public to ensure we really understand needs and preferences. Partnership is really important to us and we put a lot of effort into working with district and county council colleagues as well as with other CCGs and wider partners.

Working at local levels, we can be creative and really support people to engage with their communities in a way which promotes good health and wellbeing. We take our role in quality assurance very seriously and we continually monitor information on safety and experience to ensure all our residents get the highest quality of care.

Going forward, we are optimistic we can respond to the challenges ahead. We have built an organisation we are proud of and we want to continue to be accountable to and serve our local population.

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