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Help fight flu as children head back to school

As children head back to school following the Christmas holidays, local GPs are encouraging parents who haven’t already done so to ensure their children get a free flu vaccination.

Dr Lorna Clarson is a Staffordshire GP and mum with a young child who has received the vaccination.

Think pharmacy this Christmas and order repeat prescription now

Doctors are encouraging people to stay well this festive season by seeking help from their local pharmacy for expert advice and treatment for minor health problems. 

Pharmacists are qualified to provide expert advice and prescribe treatment for many winter illnesses such as sore throats and runny noses. With many GP surgeries closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, local pharmacies can provide a valuable service to the public to avoid an unnecessary trip to their local hospital. 

Patients with asthma urged to wrap up to avoid attacks in cold weather

Leading doctors are encouraging residents to prepare in advance and wrap up with scarfs and gloves during the festive period.

Temperatures this weekend are forecast to plummet across the UK which is why local health chiefs are encouraging residents who suffer from asthma to wear a scarf by wrapping it around their nose and mouth to help prevent asthma attacks.

Get ready for the festive season – stock up on all essentials

There are now less than three weeks to go before Christmas day. That is why leading local GPs are reminding people to make sure they have stocked up on essential medicines at home and don’t get caught out during one of the busiest times of the year.

Stocking your medicine cabinet with Christmas essentials is relatively inexpensive. For just a few pounds you can buy medicines to help self-care and tackle minor conditions at home. Suggestions for some of the most useful and inexpensive items to have in your medicine are listed below:

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