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Do you know what dementia looks like?

04 February 2019 

Dr Sukhdip Johal, GP in Staffordshire, said: “Dementia is a condition which causes people’s brain function to decline, typically as they get older.During February, health officials from Cannock Chase, East Staffordshire, South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula, and Stafford and Surrounds Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are encouraging locals to learn the signs and symptoms of dementia to help catch the condition early.

“People with dementia may notice memory loss and a change in mood, amongst other symptoms.

“If you experience any problems associated with dementia you should visit your doctor as soon as possible so they can test for dementia with a memory test. These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have developed dementia, but it is always best to get checked out.

“If dementia is suspected, you will be referred to the memory services here in Staffordshire, who will do further assessments and refer you to the appropriate specialist.

“The sooner dementia is diagnosed, and the sooner treatments begin, the easier it is for us to slow its progression.”

Watch the video below to find out about Irene’s experience living with dementia

People with dementia may notice they are having problems with:

  • memory loss
  • thinking speed
  • mental sharpness
  • language
  • understanding
  • judgement
  • mood
  • movement
  • difficulties carrying out daily activities.

As people are living for longer than ever before, dementia has become a very prominent health issue in our community. In Staffordshire there were 11,600 people aged 65 and over living with dementia in 2018. That number is expected to rise to 15,200 by 2028; an increase of 32 per cent.

For more information on dementia visit the NHS website.

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