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Plans activated to care for patients registered with fire damaged GP practice

Plans have been activated to make sure that patients registered with a fire damaged medical centre continue to have access to advice and treatment.

Dosthill Medical Center at Cadogan Road, Tamworth, sustained significant fire damage on Saturday evening. The building houses a GP surgery, dental practice and a pharmacy.​

GP surgery plans
The GP medical services and now being moved to nearby Glascote Health Centre in Caledonian, Glascote Heath and the Wilnecote Surgery, Parson Street, Tamworth. All three locations are part of Heathview Medical Practice. Patients with appointments at Dosthill this week are being contacted to inform them of alternative arrangements.
The phone number for Dosthill Medical Centre has now been transferred and patients should continue to call 01827 283487 as they would normally.
Dental practice plans
Dental services are being moved to Bhandal Dental’s Kingsbury site. Based at Jubilee Court, the practice is 2.3 miles away from the Dosthill site.
Patients of the Dosthill Valley Dental Practice should telephone 01827 874210 to access these services. 
Pharmacy plans
Pharmacy services have been transferred to Fazeley Pharmacy which is 1.3 miles away from Dosthill.
Patients can continue to phone the Dosthill Pharmacy number 01827 280 647, which has been diverted to the Fazeley site.
Around 4,000 patients are registered with the GP surgery at Dosthill. GP Partner Dr Gulrez Shaikh said: “Since Saturday evening we have been working with the Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England to ensure patients will have access to the care they need. “It is likely that most patients will be asked to attend either Glascote Health Centre or Wilnecote Surgery in the short-term at least. There are spare rooms available at Glascote and Wilnecote and we are working hard to make the necessary adaptations.
“We would like to reassure everyone that we will be able to provide a full service and patient records are fully accessible to the staff who need them.”
The main fire damage was caused to the dental surgery on-site. The damage to the GP surgery was less severe although the full extent will not be known until the site has been inspected by insurance assessors. Dr Shaikh said: "Once the extent of the fire damage is known we will develop a longer term plan and keep patients informed and involved.
“We would like to thank Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for their efforts and thank them for ensuring the damage was not so wide spread. We would also like to thank staff who have worked tirelessly since Saturday evening, and local people who have rallied around and offered support.”
Dr Shammy Noor, Chair of South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCG said: “I would like to thank all staff who are working to ensure there is continuity of care for patients. I would also like to to thank patients for their understanding so far and for their patience while the full extent of the damage is assessed and plans for the future are put in place.
“The CCG will continue to work with the practice to provide the necessary support in the short and medium term to get services back to normal as soon as possible.”

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