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Another week, another Trump press conference, although entertaining for many it may be worrying for many others. What has that got to do with my Friday note you ask? On reflection, this week has been dominated by the need to think differently about the way we communicate effectively so that messages, whether good or bad, are understood.

Planning ahead

21 October 2016

So, lots of material this week it is difficult to know where to start. The debate continues in the press about what the NHS has or hasn't received and the role of Sustainability Transformation Plans (STPs).

40 years in the NHS

14 October 2016

Crikey what a week! There’s been lots going on and lots to reflect on, but first it’s been a strange week for me personally as on Tuesday I attended my interview as a nominee for the HSJ Chief Executive of the year award.

Money Money Money

07 October 2016

There is a song by Abba “Money, Money, Money”. This week has been all about money, control totals and where we can get to by March 2016.

Ethics and Courage

30 September 2016

On my first full week back, it somehow seems harder to get up with the darker mornings, but that might just be down to my age!

Ethics and courage

This week I want to return to the issue of ethics and courage. You all know I am a fan of Koestenbaum’s leadership diamond. The top of the diamond is ethics, the bottom is courage. The last few weeks have tested both, particularly around how we transform services.

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