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Patient Groups

We take the opinions of patients in the area very seriously, and our very strong patient network is a testament to this.

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The foundations of our patient network sit in the Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) of our member practices. Around two thirds of our member practices have PPGs, some of which have regular meetings, and some of which rely on a virtual network of participants.

The beauty of PPGs is that there is no set way in which they work; it all depends on local needs. PPGs help practices to put the patient and improving health at the heart of everything they do. The shared purpose of these groups, no matter how they work, is to address any issues cropping up at practice level, working with staff in the surgeries to discuss patient opinions and where possible make improvements.

If you are interested in joining your local PPG, ask at your GP Practice if they currently have one. If there isn't a PPG at your practice yet, ask if they are planning to set one up. Find out the contact details of your GP practice.

We have created a Patient Participation Group Toolkit, which will help you and your GP practice set up a PPG or increase engagement in an exisiting groups.

District Engagement Groups

We invite representatives from the PPGs at our member practices to join our District Engagement Groups – we have one for each of the localities we serve.

Members bring to the table issues affecting their practice, which may have an impact on the wider patient population of South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula. In this way, information sharing and discussion can highlight issues for the CCG to tackle.

Meetings take place bi-monthly and feedback is provided to all PPGs, thereby enabling a two-way flow of information between practices at a grass roots level and the CCG.

South East Staffordshire Patient Engagement Group minutes

Seisdon Patient Engagement Group minutes

Patient Council

Our Patient Council has been formed to give the local community a real voice in the commissioning of healthcare.

The membership of the Patient Council is made up of representatives from each of the District Engagement Groups. We also have very active representation from the voluntary and community sector, including representation from children’s groups, mental health networks, advice and guidance groups and Healthwatch. Each representative brings issues and stories raised from their representative group. Anne Heckels, the Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement chairs the Patient Council.

Patient Council meeting minutes

For more information about our Patient Groups please contact Sherry Samaan on 01827 306170.

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